litePDF library provides three application programming interfaces. These can be used independently. The documentation is available within SDK, in the Download section.

C API – it's a raw interface, accessing litePDF.dll exported functions directly. It provides a hard dependency on the litePDF.dll file, because a user is required to link the application with litePDF.lib as well. The interface is defined in the litePDF.h.

C++ API – it provides a TLitePDF class, within litePDF.h and litePDF.cpp sources, which uses a soft dependency on the litePDF.dll library. There is no need to link against litePDF.lib file, only if the user needs to access PoDoFo document directly. This interface allows update of the litePDF.dll file without rebuild of the whole application (unless there was an API change in litePDF). This interface can be used with any C++ compilers, including Visual C++ and C++ Builder.

Delphi API – the interface is quite the same as the C++ API, the main difference is that it's provided as a single litePDF.pas file, which uses AnsiString and WideString for string arguments, instead of basic C types. The C++ API documentation can be used as a reference. This interface can be used with Delphi and C++ Builder applications.