litePDF is a library (DLL), which allows creating new and editing of existing PDF documents with simple API. Page content is drawn with standard GDI functions through a device context (HDC or TCanvas, in case of Delphi or C++ Builder).

Main features of litePDF:
  • create new PDF documents in memory only, or with direct write to a disk
  • load of existing PDF documents
  • modify or delete of existing pages
  • copy pages from other documents
  • incremental update of PDF documents
  • encryption of PDF documents
  • digitally sign PDF documents (new or existing)
  • draw with GDI functions both directly to a page, and to a resource/template (XObject)
  • draw of created resources into a page
  • font embedding, complete or subset
  • font substitution
  • JPEG compression for images
  • attach files into PDF documents
  • low-level PDF operations

litePDF uses an Open Source project PoDoFo for manipulation of PDF documents, and offers direct PdfDocument pointer to the PoDoFo interface, thus the library users can do anything what the PoDoFo offers. All modifications of the PoDoFo library were sent to upstream developers.

The Examples section shows how easy it is to use litePDF API, which can be browsed in the API Doc section. Complete SDK, with all three interfaces (C, C++ and Delphi/C++ Builder), can be found in the Download section.